Parent Meetings

Want to get involved?  This is the place!!

VHSA holds a monthly Parent Meeting where homeschool parents can get together to exchange ideas and input for field trips, social activities, classes, and more.  It’s also a great time to get to know fellow homeschoolers and ask questions.  For more information about scheduled activities, check the EVENTS PAGE.


One of the biggest homeschooling challenges others bring up is socialization for the kids.  But that doesn’t apply just to kids!  Socialization sometimes can be hard to find even with homeschool parents!  Parent Meetings allow time to get to know other like-minded families and encourage our hearts on our journeys.  Getting to laugh, pray, and talk through our challenges sets our minds at ease.


Have you ever had an idea that someone else also caught the vision of, and by the time your discussion was over you both came up with the greatest plan ever?  No?  You have GOT to join our meetings!  😀 Yes?  Then you know exactly what we’re talking about.  THIS is the place to bring up your ideas, gather the how-to’s, get a team together, and start to execute your plan.  We’ve came up with some of our best work right here at Parent Meetings!


Do you have classes you’d like to offer?  Classes you’d like someone else to offer?  Classes that your kids have been wanting?  We talk these ideas through and try to find people we know that could be interested in offering those.  Classes vary according to the yearly interests of the group and are meant to enhance, not replace, your homeschool curriculum.


We offer so many activities by compiling what we find, what our parents offer, and what we can put together.  These activities and events are put on the Members Calendar for you to pick and choose from.  If you know of happenings we can join in on, bring it up in a Parent Meeting and we’ll get it on the calendar (or you, as a Member, can put it on the calendar yourself).  These activities and field trips are often brain-stormed and offered right at the Parent Meetings.

Keeps You In-The-Loop

If you feel like there are powers-that-be that make all the decisions but you’d love to help be a part of that, THIS. IS. THE. PLACE!  You get to BE the powers-that-be.  YOU get to decide what we offer and what we look into offering.  You help make decisions and this helps keep you in the know!

No Obligations

Of course we’ll ask if you can help.  😀  But there is NO obligation to do that!  The more parents we get to attend and help, the more we can offer.  We get excited about the educational opportunities for our kids and everything we could have available to them.  Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t.  But we love to brainstorm and work to make it work!


Periodically there are items to vote on.  VHSA is a 501c3 organization and with that comes being responsible for what we offer and how we run things.  We vote on a variety of items (teacher approvals, budget, and changes to our by-laws to name a few).  As  a member, your vote counts and your voice can be heard at the Parent Meetings!


And check out this blog post our former Chair wrote on Why To Attend A Parent Meeting: