Valley Faith Co-op

Valley Faith Co-op’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Classes are you offering? Here’s a sneak peek at our 2021-22 CLASS SCHEDULE (full descriptions are in our members pages).
  • What is a homeschool co-op?  The Dictionary defines cooperative as an organization that is owned and run jointly by its members who share the profits or benefits.  A homeschool co-op is a group of homeschooling families who come together to enrich their experience by learning from and with one another.  Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success.
  • Who is the co-op associated with?  Our co-op is parented by Valley Home School Association.  VHSA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the efforts of Christian home educators by providing opportunities for fellowship, encouragement, education & the exchange of ideas and information from a Biblical perspective.
  • How much does co-op cost?  While the Co-op has no fee, you are required to be a member of VHSA ($35/yr) to participate in the Co-op Classes. Some classes offered require an additional fee by the teacher, such as private lessons; those classes are optional and need to be paid directly to the teacher.  You can find our membership form HERE.
    • How and when do I pay for a class that requires a fee?  Class fees (when applicable) will be paid directly to the teacher.  You will have the opportunity to pay them by putting it in their teacher envelope at the welcome table on co-op class days.  VHSA will not handle any cash outside of membership fees.  If a class includes a fee, the fee must be paid on the first day of classes, or payment arrangements must be made prior to the first class. By registering for a class or private lesson which includes a fee, you are required to pay the full amount, regardless of attendance.  All makeup lessons/sessions are to be worked out individually with the instructor.
    • Do I have to sign a statement of faith?  Yes, we do require all participants and teachers to sign a statement of faith. You can find our statement of faith and options for signing with the membership form.
    • I’d love to join in on the fun, what do I need to do to register for classes?  First, join VHSA by filling out membership information and paying the annual membership fee of $35/per family. Browse through our course catalog, decide what classes would suit your children, and sign up!
  • You know homeschoolers don’t follow grade levels and segregated age groups. What if my kids want to be in a class for a different age? The placement of any student is at the discretion of the parents and teachers, with the teacher having final say.  Please contact the teacher to have any age/grade exceptions approved prior to registering for classes.
  • You offer a lot of great classes, but we can’t be there all day. Are we required to do so?  Absolutely not! The co-op exists to supplement your homeschool program.  Schedule classes in whatever manner suits your family.
  • Can I drop my kids off and go grab a coffee? We all have many caffeine needs. But as long as you have a child on site, you must remain on site. Unless, of course, you are offering to buy for everyone-then special arrangements can be made immediately. 😉
  • Is lunch provided?  No, lunch is not provided by the co-op.  All co-op participants will be asked to bring along a sack lunch or provide their own lunch in some form. There will be a designated lunch break during the co-op day.
  • Where can I be if I don’t sign up for a class but I am still on site?  In order to respect the students and teachers and to cut down on distractions, we ask that all students/parents not in a class stay in the foyer or designated quiet study area.
  • I am a preschool parent and I am undecided about homeschooling. Can I register my kids?  Yes, please join us! There are many classes that are perfect for preschoolers. In fact we have a morning preschool academy and a new nursery school.  Please fill out the VHSA membership form and register your preschoolers for any classes you wish for them to attend.
  • I will be placing some of my children in the nursery; do I need to register them? Yes, please register all nursery aged children for the times you will be utilizing the nursery so we can properly care for your little ones.  Our nursery is for children ages 0-2 whose parents are teaching or helping with a class during the time the child is in the nursery.  The nursery will be open after the opening assembly from 9:30am-2:10pm (closed during lunch).
  • What is a parent representative?  Life happens and scheduling conflicts occur. We understand that there may be times where your children can make it to co-op, but a parent cannot.  Should this occur, a parent representative can fill in for the parent’s absence.  Please make sure that the elected individual is 18 years old and listed on your registration form.
  • What if my child has a discipline issue during a class?  We’re certain they won’t. 😉 But in the unlikely event this should occur, we will kindly ask the parent to step in as they will be required to be on site during the time the child is attending a class.
  • Can I help volunteer?  We actually prefer it!  Parents (or the parent representative) who sign their children up to participate in classes will be asked to sign up to help volunteer while their children are attending class. Some examples of volunteer positions include: teachers, teacher helpers, bathroom/hallway monitor, substitute teacher, nursery, clean-up, and lunch room set up.  Volunteer positions will be chosen online when you register. All families will be assigned one clean up task to complete before leaving for the day. If you are physically unable to complete your task, please let co-op leadership know.
  • What about accountability?  All classes will have at least two adults present in the classroom.  Any doors without windows will remain open during class times.  The only exception will be private music lessons, during which the parent of the child taking the lessons will be responsible for keeping an eye on their child’s lesson.