Why Attend a Parent Meeting?

On the first Monday of each month a small group of homeschool moms, (and occasionally a few dads) meet at Monument Bible Church. You know this. Each month, the meeting is announced via website emails, Facebook event posts, and even an emailed agenda. And yet, most months only 4-6 people attend. You may have a very good reason for being unable to attend. Maybe you have other commitments. Some of you do not live nearby, and cannot make it.

However, if you do not attend for any other reason, let’s look at a few reasons you should. Let’s look at the stated purpose of VHSA.

The purpose of this organization is to support the efforts of Christian home educators by providing opportunities for fellowship, encouragement, education, and the exchange of ideas and information from a Biblical perspective.

  • Fellowship – The parent meeting is a means of fellowship. Yes, we do have business to attend to, but that does not prevent us from enjoying one another’s company.  We talk.  We laugh.  Sometimes we cry.  This is a time when parents can talk without the interruptions of our children. (Yes, we will provide baby sitters if you need to bring your kids.)  It is more relaxed and less chaotic than Co-op days.
  • Encouragement – This homeschooling journey you are on is no easy task. Who better to encourage you than those who are walking it, too?  Your experiences are valuable. God has used them to shape you, of course, but not only for your sake. Your experiences uniquely equip you to be an encouragement others. Did you notice in the purpose statement that VHSA began as and still is a SUPPORT group? Yes! We are hear to support each other. How is that to happen if we never see each other?
  • Education– We plan many activities to further the education of our children. Many of these opportunities come about because as a group we can access more than individuals. When we pool our strengths, our contacts, our ideas, and our time, we can offer so much more than going it alone. Valley Faith Co-op is only one way we do this. Accessing the amazing educational programs at the Midwest and offered through ESU 13 is another. In the past there have been a myriad of field trips for various age groups. The Star-Herald, Valley Ambulance, and the Fire Department are just a few that have happened in the past. These happened because parents took on the task, used their contacts, and made it happen. What business has your child been curious about? Would you like to have a field trip there? Come to the Parent Meeting, maybe we can make it happen together.
  • Exchange of Ideas – creativity breeds creativity. Are you stuck on how to teach that one math concept your child just doesn’t grasp? Do you struggle with how to schedule your day? Come to a Parent Meeting and ask those who are there. Maybe an idea that worked for someone there will work for you. Maybe an idea someone has will spark a new idea that will be the answer you need.
  • From a Biblical perspective – as sisters and brothers in Christ, we can come along side one another, pray for one another, and encourage one another in His love.

So, yes, you are busy. Yes, it seems to be just one more thing to do. I myself have not been a faithful attendee in the past. So, yes, I understand. But maybe it is the encouragement you need. Maybe your experience is what I need to hear about. Maybe the curriculum you have been looking for is in my basement.  So come join us.  We would love to see you at the next Parent Meeting!