VHSA’s Valley Faith Co-op 2020-21 Course Schedule Is Here!

The 2020-2021 Valley Faith Co-op Class Schedule is out!  In this schedule, you will get an idea of what classes co-op offers and you will see an overview of the day.  Take notice of year-long vs. semester classes and any class fees associated with individual classes. Also, please take the time to review our Frequently Asked Questions section on the document, as it does include new information for this school year. Click this link to check it out: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K8UE1yx0fZV1gQQ6lEWLSw7WXPIfMG9wz2d15pO-eWI/edit?usp=sharing

A few notes:

  • In order to see the description of each class, you will need to be a member.  To become a member, visit our MEMBER PAGE here.
  • Co-op student registration will open at 10 a.m. on:

-August 17-21 (Mon-Fri) Teacher/Co-Teacher Families Registration

-August 24-Aug 31 (Mon-Mon) Open/General Families Registration

  • The high school area at co-op is offering some classes for credit this year! The classes are not noted as credit classes on the Class Schedule, but are:
Alive to Thrive through Nutrition


HS ages 14+




HS Ages 14+



For the Love of Research!


HS Ages 14+



HS 14+


  • This is from the co-op High School Coordinator:
    • “Hello, all! This year for the high school co-op we will be doing things a little different. We are combining with the Valley Faith Co-op. We will have classes that will be for credit and will meet every week and there are classes that will meet just at Valley Faith co-op . Also if your high schooler is interested in one of the for credit classes and cannot meet every week you will still be able to take the class.
    • We will also have an event planning class (we will not be meeting every week!) we will be organizing activities for high schoolers and also some things for the group as a whole. If you as a parent are interested in hosting the teens at your home please let me know! I am really looking forward to a great year at co-op this year!”

We’re excited to start the new school year and see all of you again!

Elizabeth Haas, VHSA Chair &

Austin Martinez, VHSA Vice Chair