March Newsletter Cover

From the Chair:
As the year rounds the corner, we show no signs of slowing down here at VHSA. We have conference plans underway (see details in this newsletter, be sure to sign up early!), co-op program coming up (all families invited!), and several amazing field trips lined up. We also have graduation plans sailing along, and hope you will all join us on May 28th. Our group was even featured in the March 12th Star Herald. We are truly blessed.
None of the wonderful things we do would be possible without the stellar involvement of our families and volunteers. Our  parent meetings are where the magic happens, and behind the scenes committees deliberate on the details.
Our co-op leadership team is transitioning this year, as 4 of the team members (Bethany Adams, Pam DeVos, Raconda Steele, and Mindy Lively) are stepping off the Core Leadership team but will still be star participants at co-op next year, and 4 new members are considering filling their shoes. Our other Core leaders: Brandee Taffe, Marcy Thomalla, Brittney Todd, and myself, will hang in there another year.
This year and last we have added several volunteer slots: Elizabeth Haas as our facebook co-ordinator, Barb Douma as our membership co-ordinator, Mindy and Josh Lively as our HS Sports/activities co-ordinators (with help from Alan Gustafson), Marcy Thomalla as our ESU contact person, and we are thankful for our faithful website co-ordinator, Thea Boerkircher. In addition, so many parents have volunteered to help plan and run so many events and field trips!
In the general group: our treasurer, Lyn Carradine, will be stepping down, and we already have Julie Greenfield willing to nominate for her seat. Our Secretary, Tim Newman,  and our Vice-Chair, Pam DeVos, will be stepping down as well, and we are looking for nominations. Our Newsletter editor, Brittney Todd, will be staying on for another year. As Chair, I too will be offering my seat up for nominations. While I’d be willing to be re-nominated for one more year, I’d like to make room for others to jump in. This group is really a joy to be in the forefront, and I don’t want to be selfish about it.
We are so thankful for the amazing work of the volunteers we have. Those who are stepping down have dedicated countless hours to make VHSA the awesome group it is. Thanks are due; may God bless them! Each one of them will tell you, the benefit in commitment to serving are the strong relationships we have built as we have shared the load.
Are you ready to jump in and volunteer with VHSA?  Call or email for more information about any open spots, or any ideas you might have!
Looking forward to who God will bring into our group in the coming year,
Mark 9:35 And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.”
PS: If I’ve missed anyone, please forgive me; We have SO many wonderful volunteers!