VHSA is going Skiing!

>>>>Darcy Gustafson is co-ordinating for our group and there is a firm deadline of 2/20/17!
Contact her and she will send you all the forms. Each FAMILY is responsible for sending in their forms by the deadline. Or find the forms linked here:
RENTAL FORM (must be submitted by email to sara@snowyrangeski.com by 2/20 or mailed much earlier)
WAIVER (Please print and bring with you, one for each skier)
For more information or questions, Contact Mountain Sports Office 307-745-5750 ext. 38 
BE SURE to note if you want a lunch when you email. You may also pack a lunch. 
To contact Darcy about car pooling or to let her know you will be meeting us there:
>Email her at bunchogus at hotmail dot com
>or call at local area code 641-8116
“Mountain Sports Lessons for Homeschools
At Snowy Range Mountain Sports School, our goal is to provide a positive, educational, and safe experience for all of our students. We want all of our students to grow in ability, and to leave with a better understanding of their sport, whether they are skiing or snowboarding.
For families who homeschool, we have set aside dates that we are offering a discounted package that includes a day lift ticket, one day rentals, and a two-hour beginner group lesson at 10:00 am. Both ski and snowboarding is available through this program. Group sizes may vary.
Prices: Students(ages 5+): $26.00
Student Lunch (sack lunch): $6.00
Chaperones(any participant 18+): $41.00
Date: February 28th.
To sign up for this program:
● The lesson is limited to 50 participants​ (not including chaperones).
● Fill out and turn in the completed Rental Information Form no later than one week prior to your visit. ​Please make sure that all of the information on the rental form is correct.
● If a student is interested in a lesson, make sure that they mark “Y” or “yes” in the column on the rental sheet titled “Lessons”.
● Both students participating and students not participating in the lesson are the responsibility of the chaperones.
● Students must be 5-years-old or older to participate in the lesson. The lesson provided will be a beginner lesson.
● The lesson starts at 10am, students must be outside and ready by 10am.
● We will need a waiver for every student and chaperone renting, taking a lesson, or receiving a lift ticket​.
● Upon arrival, check in and make payment at the Ski School desk, and waivers should be turned in at the Rental Desk.”