2016 Business and Industry Tour

Date: Nov. 2nd
Time: Check in between 8:15 and 8:30am finish about 2:30pm
Location: Start and finish at the Harms Center

Deadline to sign up, 10/24.

Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/ghAuLPpXVtoopTSf2
Attention home schooled high school age students: The Business and Industry Tour is in the works. It will take place on November 2nd from about 8am to 2:30pm.

We start at the Harms Center and then each tour goes to businesses in the area to learn about what they do and career opportunities. Several high schools participate and the kids ride the bus from place to place, but VHSA kids generally don’t ride the bus, although they may, with a chaperone. Parents sign up to go with them and we travel in our own vehicles following the bus for our tour. Not every parent has to go, but we usually send 1 vehicle and 1 adult on each tour our kids want to do.

Please note that these tours are geared toward high school students and are open to mature teens from our group. High schools usually bring sophomores and juniors, so think ages 15 to 17. Our kids do fine in the group, but please remember that we want them to be really interested not just sent along because someone else thought it would be good for them.

Tours are still in the planning stages and are subject to change, even dramatically. We will update as it becomes available:
Human Services and Resources tour: will remain at the Harms Center all day (no need to fit everyone into a car). Speakers will cover NE State Patrol, City Government, and Games and Parks Dept. Afternoon sessions will feature hands on activities with the Fire Department.

Health tour 1: This tour hopes to have a career path that will be similar to what we saw last year with lots of hands on activities involving nursing students as mentors at the Harms Center. (There may be the sight of blood on this tour)

Health Tour 2: There are also plans for a path with visits to or from a pharmacist, dental office, chiropractor, and physical therapist. Still waiting for details.

Ag/Environmental tour: will visit Meadowlark Farms, Pioneer Animal Clinic (hoping to view a surgery), and Panhandle Station agronomist in the morning. Lunch will be at Legacy of the Plains Museum where they will hear from Dan Fitz about farming and will also hear from a banker about the financial aspects of farming.

Business, Marketing, and Management tour: will cover small business marketing, hotel/motel management, Cozad signs, and possibly Blue Prairie chicory plant. The focus will be on entrepreneurship. This tour could change quite a bit as planning continues.

Communication & IT tour: will visit Intra Links, Whiting Signs, NBC TV, and Allo Communications. They also plan to have a classroom session in the afternoon with a Theater Instructor, a Music Director, and Lisa Betz from Theater West.

A free pizza lunch will be served to everyone who attends including adult chaperones. At this point, several of the businesses have committed and plans are moving forward. Each student needs to choose 1 tour to attend that day, and we will need at least 1 driver for each tour our students want to attend. We will need to give them a list of students for each tour later this month, so please let us know as soon as you can who want to do which tour. Also let us know if you can drive or if you know of other parents who might like to drive. Specifically, we need the names of all participants and which tour they want to attend. We’ll give that info to the committee so that name tags and packets will be ready on the day of the tour. Then we just show up that morning and follow the bus for our tour from place to place. There is no cost to attend.

If you are hoping to attend, please contact Lyn as soon as possible. Deadline to register is October 21st.
Lyn Carradine : 641-4557 (text or leave a message)DSC_6780